Makati Work Style


Vol.6 -


Living in Metro Manila for better career path purposes has not been easy for someone like me who’s 600 miles away from home. To be able to find a nurturing job in a good company with a healthy environment is already a steal.


Here in Terada Group, apart from being molded to become a good employee in your respective field and expertise, life after work is also well-valued. Last April 14, we went hiking to Mt. Mamara at Tanay, Rizal. It was just 2 and half hour drive via personal car from Makati City.

In front of Mt. Mamara is the more known mountain, Mt. Daraitan with 739 Meters Above Sea Level (MASL). Mt. Mamara with 427 MASL has just been recently opened as a new destination which may serve as an alternative hike for beginners.


It was not a boring traverse as it was composed with various beautiful views. White rock formations and massive limestones mesmerized us. It was a different experience as there are instances where one needs to grip to rocks, branches, and other wooden planks and handles to pass through assaults and bridges.

It was also forested mountain and the trees somehow protected us from scorching heat of the sun.


After 45 minutes, we entered a cave with beautiful rocks and stalactites. Along the way there were stop overs bringing different amazing experiences. After an hour and half, we were able to reach the view deck of stunning limestones. That was not the peak yet, but the view was already overwhelming.


It just took us 2 hours to reach the peak of the Mt. Mamara and the beauty was astonishingly breathtaking. We climbed through the sharp edges of the big rocks and stones to capture a memory with the overlooking view of the Tinipak River.


On our way back down, we had a different trail way. After roughly an hour we were welcomed by the sound of rushing water and the beautiful scenery of giant marble rock formations of Tinipak River. The river water was cold, squeaky clean, and crystal clear, the locals even use it as their drinking water.

The place and the experience were magnificent. It was just few hours away from the city, yet it was well-kept and maintained.