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About es Networks Philippines Inc.

Message from Director

es Networks Philippines is an accounting and consulting firm providing assistance in Japanese to companies starting and doing business in the Philippines. We help them with their back-office operations including accounting, tax practice, human resources and legal work.

Recently, many Japanese companies have been expanding their businesses in the Philippines for its competent labor force and stable economic growth. However, many of them encounter problems related to its unique business practices and culture. These differences can make it difficult to focus on running their own businesses.

Even after making the large commitment and move with hopes of business success, some companies end up leaving the Philippines without achieving their goals due to a lack of understanding and trust of the people of the Philippines. This situation must change.

Most problems are caused by small misunderstandings. We provide all needed services and advice in Japanese to support our clients’ back-office operations and allow them to focus on their work and achieve their goals. That is our hope and mission. People in the Philippines are very friendly toward Japan and should be regarded as treasured partners. By providing a broad range of support to our clients, we strongly hope to contribute to the mutual economic growth of Japan and the Philippines.

es Networks Philippines Inc.