Get help with all of your business needs in one place.
es Networks Philippines Inc. offers comprehensive Japanese language services to
assist Japanese companies expanding their business in the Philippines.
We also provide assistance with their back-office operations including
accounting/tax practice, human resources and legal work.

Our Services

Preliminary consultation service for companies considering business expansion

We assist our clients with the research of formation procedure, investment structure, regulation of foreign investment, tax benefits, verification of investment effects and other issues prior to the start-up in the Philippines.

One-Stop Consulting Service

We provide extensive support for accounting, tax practice, human resources and legal work. We also provide helpful advice and guidance on living in the Philippines including how to acquire mobile phone service, the market value of local real estate and other concerns.

Liaison service with local attorneys / Japanese Language Legal work support

We investigate and research all legal matters, identifying any potential liabilities. Then our local partner attorneys take the lead and confirm all legal related materials. Japanese translations will be included with the original report for our clients’ better understanding.

Top rated “Monthly Office Visit” Service

Our Japanese and local staff perform monthly office visits to check monthly reports and have interviews with local employees. We also identify any issues which could be a compliance risk and prevent any possible problems. (*Currently, there is a limited access to this service.)

Comprehensive Accounting Service from Bookkeeping to HR Consulting for accountant recruitment

We provide comprehensive accounting support including bookkeeping/tax filing for the representative office, structuring the accounting department and HR consulting for accountant recruitment such as candidate skill verification.

Tax Services in the Philippines

We offer a broad range of integrated tax services from tax returns preparation and filing, tax treaty application, tax audit support, tax refund assistance and more.

Other Services

  • Amendment of Articles of Incorporation
    (e.g. Change of company name, change of
    address, increase of capital etc.)
  • Company Incorporation and PEZA, BOI
  • Monthly analysis of financial statement
  • Tax Advisory Service
  • Annual audit support
  • Individual Income Tax Return preparation
    for expatriates
  • Application for Tax Treaty
  • Visa application for expatriates
  • Share Transfer
  • Accounting consultation
  • Annual renewal of business permit
  • Accounting and Tax orientation
    (Japanese and English)
  • Employee Handbook consulting
  • Performance Management Consulting
  • Job Evaluation Program Consulting
  • Organizational Development Consulting