Makati Work Style


Vol.5 -


They say it’s one thing to create a team but quite another to build teamwork. In Teradatrust Advisory Inc., we explore ways to strengthen collaboration and make it enjoyable.

Our office space is designed to foster open communication. We meet regularly. We celebrate group and individual milestones as a company. We learn, dine, and travel together. And just recently, we went on a one-of-a-kind adventure together.

On October 6, 2017, we closed shop, traded our slacks for sweat pants, and headed to Quest Adventure Camp in Antipolo, Rizal.


Quest Adventure Camp is an 11-hectare property that is specifically designed for team building activities. It has obstacle courses and other facilities that make it truly live up to its name.


For the activities, we were divided into two groups with an equal mix of Japanese and local employees. Our teams were named “Sugoi” and “Galing”, which means “great” in Nihongo and Filipino respectively.

Our teams went through a series of activities that tested us physically, mentally, and even emotionally.


We climbed up and rappelled down a 12-meter tower, which made most of us face our fear of heights. We also powered through a 15-station obstacle course, which made us strategize, stretch our muscles, and really trust each other. Finally, we completed a 13-station relay rope course, which allowed us take on individual physical challenges for the sake of our teams.


Screams of fear, murmurs of exhaustion, and playful banter were surely heard that day. But louder than all of those were our voices cheering, “One Team, One Goal for TTA”. Even though we were split into groups, the common experience gave us a new layer of connectedness. And that kind of connection, we believe, cannot just be formed within the walls of our office.

We all went home tired yet excited, more than ever, to work hand in hand with each other.