Makati Work Style


Vol.7 -


Work Attitude and Values Enhancement in the Workplace

Last May 28, 2018, Teradatrust Advisory Group had the privilege to attend a company-wide training entitled “Work Attitude and Values Enhancement in the Workplace”. It was spearheaded by Mr. Joselito “Jet” Nera, a seasoned speaker and director of SHINE – JG Nera Training Consultants. The subject matter seemed fit for the employees’ journey in developing their work life holistically.

The talk focused on making the employees realize the meaning of work in our lives and the underlying values that could be developed towards it. For instance, he mentioned about the time we spend everyday from preparing to go to work up until to coming home from work. “It is not ‘just work’ if you spend most of your day at work.” The speaker also shared clips of organizations and companies that showed their ways in helping the ones in need. These showed the positive attitude and values that could be done even to the ones that we do not directly work with. To proactively realize the learnings, group activities were also done which allowed the employees to bond as well.

It is the little things / aspects that some may have become unaware about over the course of time that Mr. Nera wanted to magnify. Somehow, the employees had the chance to be refreshed with the fundamentals of why work is an important aspect in life. It becomes even more worthwhile when the importance of having a positive attitude towards it would be recognized. As the company is only small in headcount, the importance of “malasakit” and “pakikipagkapawa” or altruism should always be practiced even outside of work.

At the end of the training session, everyone was asked to prepare three Core Values that they have realized and will be following in their lives.